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Fine artist C.Reneé and the girl from Dayton Avenue are one in the same chance taker, lover of literature, art, music, laughter, culture and The Creator. Believes in miracles and the power of unity. Desires to fully know self, and trust God bestowed gifts. Born and raised to navigate a high contrast existence as was lessoned early by an ambiguous hometown duality offered even by the name Twin Cities in Minnesota. Accustomed to remaining focused and prepared for the ebb & flow in concert with fluctuations to usually accompany extreme conditions. Trained by microwave length and just as heated summers,  tornado warning sirens, and six months of raining snow emergencies to sub zero forecast streaks. And oh…the sheer black & white of things. Recognizes her life’s purpose is to sow into the lives of others (especially black women, our men and children). Lately presenting sides artistically known only to a specific many.  A life-long, card carrying member of the creative class. Vibrations of words, imagery, sound, colors and movement have always been her thing. Understands of herself she can do nothing.



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Selections From

 2018 Originals Collection 

Hairdo WM


9×12 • Watercolor


 “New Life”

6×18 • Watercolor


Miracles WM


9×12 • Watercolor



Botany Collection

 Original Paintings & Digital Photography (click to enlarge)

by C. Reneé









Events & Travels 


“Mister JAIL I’M FREE”

Women’s Conference & Focus Groups

MJ : IF special

Featured Original Works

By: C.Reneé • Sheila Murphy • Special Guest


Gatesville Women’s Prison • TX • April 2018


Chino California Institution for Women • CA • June 2018



A Short Story

Hawaii Bus 2

5:53 a.m. 

The Color Purple

Paradise Sun

Crenee volcano 2jpgDiamond Head volcano 

Crenee waterfall2

Majestic and natural beauty

Crenee Eggs


Crenee Milk 2JPG


CRenee Steps 2

The End


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